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Shoulder Holster

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Shown with lining and shark skin trim and reinforcement band, with shark skin harness.

Double shoulder holster

Double Retention Shoulder Holster

The double retention system has a standard thumb break, and an adjustable screw tension that provides pressure to the trigger guard of the handgun. This system is a combination of two time-proven systems.


Double Harness System

The harness system is designed to balance the load and carry the weight over the center of the body. The wide leather harness is furnished with non-stretch nylon straps and provides unparalleled adjustment.


Double Retention Holster System

Provides the security needed for the professional. It also allows for the ready accessibility of the handgun, while maintaining the all day, every day desired comfort level.

The holster hangs diagonally with the grip down for the most natural draw and optimum concealment. It is angle adjustable, has a thumb break, covered trigger and hammer, wet molded front sight channel and rear sight protector. It also has an elastic tie-down expander on the harness for comfort during movement, with wide leather shoulder straps to support the weight. Off side of harness is adaptable to various attachment combinations.

Double Magazine with Handcuff Carrier
Single Magazine with Handcuff Carrier

The thumb break and screw retention device provides security with easy draw characteristics. Fully adjustable wide leather yolk provides comfort and the magazine carrier attachment to belt helps stabilize gun.

Reinforcement band on holster available at extra cost of $25.00.

$120.00 Holster Only
(includes thumb break and tension screw)

Options (when ordered with holster)
Double harness. $45
Lined Harness. $60
Single magazine carrier. $50
Double magazine Carrier. $65
Reinforcement band. $25
Attachable molded handcuff carrier. $40
Rev Six Round Pouch. $50
Single Speed Loader. $35
Tie Down. $7

Color black $25 additional



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