Tauris Holsters
Order Form
(Please print this)

This form can be mailed to:
Tauris Holsters
10 Compton Road
New Hartford, New York 13413

or faxed to this number:
Fax Number 315-797-3883

Name _______________________ Street Address__________________

City _________________________ State_______________ Zip_______

Your phone number: Area code_____, number ________________

Holster Order:

Holster type_________________________

Make of Gun_________________________ Model__________________

Type of Retention
____ None
____ Thumb Break
____ Front Strap
____ Tension Screw

Caliber__________ Barrel Length _______ Right or Left Handed________

Strong side or Cross Draw ___________

Muzzle Cant: Muzzle Back, Muzzle Forward, or Muzzle Vertical ____________________

Holster belt loop size in inches ________

Color: Natural Tan, Black or Mahogany _____________

Finish: Plain, Lined, Basket Weave, or Basket Weave lined _________

Special features: Yes or No

Target sights______ Target Hammer ______

Target Trigger ______ Cocked and locked _____

Hammer Down______ Ambidextrous Safety _____

Ammo Carrier: Yes or No

For belt____ For Shoulder Holster _____ Auto ____ Single ____ Double ___

Revolver ____ 6 Round ____ 12 Round ____


Waist size in inches ______________
Measure your waist with a tape measure at where you wear your belt - This is the size belt you will receive.
There are no returns on belts.

Color: Natural Tan____, Black ____ Mahogany____.

Belt width in inches 1&1/4_____, 1&1/2_____, 1&3/4 ____.

Belt type: Plain unlined _____, Plain lined _____,

Basketweave unlined _____, Basketweave lined _____

Police buckleless ____, Bootstiched and lined _____

Payment Method

We do not ship C.O.D.

Price and designs are subject to change without notice.

Credit Card _____,Check _____, Money Order ________.

Credit Card Name__________________________________

Credit Card # ______________________________________

Credit Card Expiration Date __________________________

Card CVV/CVN __________ (3 or 4-digit code on back)

New York State Residents Add 8.75% Sales Tax

Total Merchandise $____________

Shipping and Handling (USA): $10.00