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The Rancher Holster

The Tauris Rancher Holster is a hard scrabble working holster, streamlined for the man working on his ranch or for the man who thinks he has a ranch. The Rancher Holster is a high riding, close to the hip, no frills holster that is utilitarian in design but discreetly offers quick access and reholstering. Either mounted or afoot, the Rancher is the ideal holster for field use.

The Rancher is available with the following features:

  • Offers thumb break for front strap release
  • Either cocked & locked or hammer down
  • Will accommodate both target front and rear sights
  • Covered trigger guard
  • Constructed of heavy 10 ounce leather and available with smooth cowhide lining
  • Varied belt loop widths with either neutral drop or muzzle to the rear cant
  • Basketweave or border stamped
  • Precision wet mold and fit
  • The holsters are available with a dual strong side and cross draw option.

    $125.00 4" Base with front release strap
    $140.00 6" Base with front release strap

    Dual Angle $15 (from strong side to crossdraw)
    Lining $50
    Tension Screw $15
    Thumb Break $15
    Basketweave $30
    Border Stamp $20

    Enhanced, Lined
    Enhanced, Stamped, Lined


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