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Reinforced High Ride


NOTE: No other holster maker in the world offers a similar holster with all of the following design features and this quality workmanship.

The Reinforced High Ride Holster combines the low profile, hip hugging concealment and security of the Standard High Ride Holster, plus a leather covered metal reinforced holster mouth and rigid body shield, designed to allow fast secure reholstering, thus making it the most complete weapon carrier for the serious handgun practitioner.

The Reinforced High Ride Holster also has all of the following standard Tauris design features:
  • Made from 8 to 9 ounce premium cowhide
  • Hand molded and boned to the specific handgun
  • Molded sight channel
  • Molded to the contour of the body
  • Rigid double layer Body Shield
  • Covered trigger
  • Full grip clearance
  • Available with Tension Screw, Thumb Break or both
  • Available with a smooth cowhide lining

$185 Standard

Thumb Break: $15
Tension Screw: $15
Third Slot: $10
Lining: $50

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