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Ankle Holster

This is undoubtedly the finest ankle holster on the market. Copied by many but never surpassed in design, workmanship and quality. Used by professionals as a 16 hour holster. It satisfies the need for gun retention with a thumb break and tension screw, the need for holster retention using D loops and Velcro, and the need for comfort by lining the holster with .75 inch sheep shearling. This shearling is the most perspiration absorbent material for all temperatures, and it conforms to the shape of your ankle for comfort better then felt, foam pads or suede. I've been making this type holster for over 35 years and I know some police officers that have been wearing their original holster for over 25 years. You can pay more but you can't get a better holster.

$135.00 - For small revolver or auto, includes thumb break
$155.00 - For medium revolver or auto, includes thumb break
$175.00 - For bootwear
Double strap version includes thumb break.

Only available in Black

NOTE: All hammerless revolver holsters have thumb break and tension screw for stated price.
NOTE: Available in black only.

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