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Tauris Holsters Price List
Price List Effective August 1, 2009. Designs and prices subject to change.

Standard Hip Holster
    Enhanced Model
Standard In The Pants
    Enhanced Model
    Enhanced Double Strap
    Low Profile Model
    Convertable ITP/Hip
Standard Semi High Ride
    Enhanced Model
Standard High Ride
    Enhanced Model
Reinforced High Ride $185.00
Firearms Instructor $195.00
Enhanced Scabbard $120.00
Standard Snap Mount
    Reinforced Model
Convertible Hip
   (In The Pants to
    High Ride)
Shoulder Holsters
(Prices are for Holster Only, includes Thumb
Break and Tension Screw)
Single Shoulder Holster
Double Shoulder Holster
Emergency Shoot Holster
Paraguard Convertible
"SCT" Convertible Holster
Color black


Shoulder Holster Ammunition Carriers
    Auto, Single Mag
    Auto, Double Mag
    Rev., 6 rd. pouch
    Twin 6 rd. pouch
Handcuff Carrier
    (belt or shoulder holster)

Ankle Holster
    (w/ Thumb Break for Standard
    Auto or Revolver)
Medium Size
Ankle Holster
    (For Hammerless Revolver,
    Tension Screw)
Med Ankle
Ankle Holster for Bootwear

Rancher Holster

Pocket Holster

Yacqui Slide
    Belt Slide
    Snap Mount



Ammunition Carriers
    (Belt Mounted Type)
Auto. Single Mag
Auto. Double Mag
High Ride Single Mag
High Ride Double Mag
Revolver 6 rd. pouch
Revolver 6 rd. loop
Revolver 2x2 pouch
Speed Loader

Plain, Single Layer
Plain, Double Layer (Cowhide)
Tapered Belts, add
Bootstitch, add
Border St Mules Foot Trim, add
Basketweave, Add
NOTE: No return on belts

Holster Lining
Smooth Cowhide Lining available on all holsters except ankle
Basketweave is available on holsters, except Ankle, Shoulder, and In The Pants models

Thumb Break     Add $15.00 to all holsters except Shoulder and Ankle Holsters
Tension Screw   Add $15.00 to all holsters except Enhanced Semi High Ride.
NOTE: Tension Screw not available on In The Pants.

Most holsters available with either muzzle to the rear, muzzle straight, or muzzle forward.

We Do Not Ship COD
Please send Check, Money Order, Visa or Mastercard
New York State residents, add 8.75% sales tax.
Add $10.00 shipping for all orders.

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