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Tauris Holsters makes a variety of holsters and leather products. Please be sure to check our gun model list to see what guns we are currently making holsters for.

Ankle Holsters Reinforced High Ride
Standard High Ride

Enhanced High Ride
In The Pants
Low Profile In The Pants
Convertible ITP/Hip
Standard Snap Mount Holster
Reinforced Snap Mount Holster
Pocket Holsters Yaqui Slide

Enhanced Standard Hip
Standard Hip Holster
Carry-Compete-Conceal ("CCC")

Double Shoulder
Emergency Shoot (ES) Shoulder
Convertible Shoulder
"SCT" Convertible Holster

Enhanced Scabbard

Field and Western Rigs
Rancher Holster

Firearms Instructor

Ammo Carriers
Semi High Ride
Enhanced Semi High Ride

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