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Gun Writer Testimonials
Here is what the gun writers have to say about Tauris Holsters ...

R.K. Campbell, Concealed Carry Handguns Magazine (May 2013)

One of the finest holster makers in the world is Michael Taurisano of Tauris Holsters..

Wiley Clapp, personal correspondence (Feb 2013)

The items in question are beautiful examples of the holster maker's craft and fit my simple-rugged-handsome preference to a "T".

Dave Douglas, American Handgunner (2005)

I don't know of anyone who goes to the extremes to assure you have a holster that will last years and years. If you have a special gun that you want to hand down to your kids, then take a look at Tauris Holsters.

Bob Arganbright, Combat Handguns (May 98)

TAURIS holsters are here to stay, they are excellent.

Todd Lofgren, Combat Handguns (Sep 2003)

Tauris holsters are reasonably priced and designed by a former police officer, who knows the value of a good holster design.

Roy Huntington, American Handgunner Sept. / Oct. 1999

Michael knows a thing or three about the business and it really shows in his work. His designs are well thought out, cleanly boned and finished and built tank-tough.

Massad Ayoob, Complete Book of Handguns 2000

Mike Taurisano, an ex-cop who knows what is needed.

Dave Spaulding, Custom Combat Handguns (1997)

Mike sent four holsters for evaluation, all of which were works of art. Tauris Holsters are top quality. A police officer for some 35 years, Mike Taurisano knows what goes into a quality defensive rig.

Trey Bloodworth,�"Hidden in Plain Sight" second edition, Paladin Press

"Mr. Taurisano makes great quality gear, offers excellent value for the money. The author's favorite pancake holster and some of his favorite belts are from Tauris."

Warren Butler, S.W.A.T. Magazine (March 97)

Mike's designs are simple and clear in purpose. Created to withstand the demands of the law-enforcement officer who carries a concealed weapon on a daily basis. Every holster features excellent wet-molding to the weapon contours. If you are searching for a hand-crafted holster, well designed, and reasonably priced, consider Mike Taurisano and Tauris. You won't regret it.

Walt Rauch, Combat Handguns (November 95)

Taurisano has it all correct. Tauris Holsters provide good value and are reasonably priced. Mike's holsters hold the gun well to the body with firm retention, yet the gun draws easily. It's nice when you can take a belt, holster and mag pouch out of the box, put them on and wear them in comfort.

Bob Campbell, Gun World, (January 98)

Mike Taurisano has definite ideas about holsters, and they are good ones. I am looking forward to the next design from this artisan.

D.K. Pridgen, Combat Handguns Buyer's Guide (1997)

I ordered a couple of holsters from Tauris. I soon found out that he really knows leather and leather working. The molding, stitching, leather and design left nothing to be desired.

Rob Garrett, Combat Handguns, (December 97)

Tauris holsters are made by a professional, for professionals.

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