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The Firearms Instructor's Holster
This holster was designed specifically for the professional who does not want to put his premier handgun in a rough plastic-like holster. This holster is available with a smooth horsehide interior and a scuff proof shark skin exterior.

Shown with muzzle to rear and shark trim.
Shown with neutral cant.

The Firearms Instructor's holster is designed with a lowered and reinforced mouth to allow the user a speedier draw and unhindered return of the handgun to the holster. The holster has a body shield to protect the wearer from any sharp edges on the handgun and to prevent clothing from interfering with reholstering. The belt enclosing strap pulls the butt of the handgun in close to the body to aid in concealment, allowing the holster to also be used as a concealment holster. This feature allows the user to use the same holster both when instructing and also off of the range. A tension screw device is provided as well to always maintain the same amount of resistance throughout the life of the holster.

The holster is available with a neutral cant, a muzzle to the rear 10 degrees, or a muzzle forward 10 degrees. It is also available with belt loops from 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches. Colors choices are natural tan, mahogany, or black.

$195.00 (with tension screw)

Smooth cowhide lining: $50.00
Two tone: $40.00
Shark trim: $40.00
Full shark: $100.00


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