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Convertible ITP/Hip Holster (Double Shift)

Resulting from the union of two of the most desired holsters used by professional gun handlers, the Tauris Enhanced In The Pants holster and the Tauris Reinforced High Ride holster. This design combines the favored attributes of the two holsters into one package, thus allowing the user to quickly select the option he desires at that time. The holster converts from one mode to the other within seconds by simply removing or attaching the two belt snaps by means of the One--Way--Fasteners. There is no compromise in either position, as the holster functions perfectly in either mode. With snaps it is an In--The--Pants holster. Without snaps you use the belt slots, visible under removed loop, and have a Tauris Reinforced High Ride holster. The holster has all the standard quality features found in all Tauris holsters and this model is provided with a leather covered metal reinforced holster mouth to prevent collapsing and a double layer rigid Body Shield. The holster mounts solidly in a slight muzzle to the rear position and is molded to conform to the contour of the body. Absolutely the finest design and workmanship.

$185 Base

Thumb Break: $15
Tension Screw: N/A

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